We Help Make Healthy Choices SIMPLE

Healthy vending products from Vendelay Industries LLC keep your team happier and healthier, leading to better workplace productivity.

Identify Your Natural Vending Solutions in Beachwood

Vendelay Industries LLC lets you give healthy minding consumers what they want to eat or drink, all in one machine. Our company was founded on the principle that if you give people a healthier choice, they will go with what is good for them. That’s why, with our machines there is ample room for selection, for the kinds of delicious yet natural, healthy options, as well as credit, debit and cash payment options. When you work with us, we provide you with ADA compliant machines, the ability to remotely control inventory information and free maintenance from a local support team.


Get To Know Vendelay Industries LLC

We strive to see our communities thrive by providing them with the healthy snack options that fuel them forward.

Our team would love to discuss a vending plan for you. Choose a fresh snack design that will offer both healthy and nutritious options. Food and beverages can be stocked, then paid for by cash, charge or debit by consumers at your placed location. You’ll get help each step of the way. We give you all of the tools that you need in order to capitalize on healthy minded consumers. We’ve even addressed FDA and ADA requirements for healthy vending machine options.

Advancing Healthy Vending Tech Options

The vending machine concept has been around since the 1950’s but didn’t really take hold until a decade later. That being said, a lot has changed for vending machines since then! Our machines are much more than your grandma’s were!

Vendelay Industries LLC is proud to be a part of this rich history, helping to bring about a healthy revolution via vending machines! Snacks are a huge part of our modern culture, and it is only right that our machines be as forward thinking as our clientele!

Not only do our machines offer technically advanced options, that include a vast number of user friendly features, but now consumers can also see available nutritional information with our state of the art AirVend system. It allows users to make an informed decision, empowering them choose what is best for them.

We're Here to Help

Like you, we’re providing a much needed service to Beachwood. We’re in this together and we’ll always be there for you if your machines need repair.

Of course, you can always stay informed about your inventory with remote system access. It allows you to know what you’re running low on and when to refill or track trends so you know what to buy more of. That’s all you need to worry about. We inspect the machines regularly, performing maintenance and ensuring that they remain ADA compliant.

Superior Snacking

Offer only the best to your employees, with snack options that are not only tasty but smart as well. With choices from popular brands such as Cliff Bars to Beanitos, and everything in between, your machines will be filled with nothing but the best.

Give your people the healthy options that they crave. Make their day by offering an array of products that are guaranteed to satisfy. As you track trends, you can even customize orders, so every machine is one of a kind.


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